Little Broken Things believes in a pricing structure that reflects hair length, density and technical difficulty, rather than gender. Our prices are based on stylist experience and education.

Clean-UpBang Trim$20+Neck Clean-up$20+Undercut$20+These are 15 minute appointments only.

Barber cut
Short Cut
Short Cut
Mid Length
Long Length
Razor cut
Razor cut
Barber Cut
For earlobes and above, clippers or scissors
30-45 minutes depending on the stylist


Short Advanced / Pixie
If your hair is shorter than chin length but requires detailed work beyond clippers.
45-60 minutes depending on the stylist

Mid Length
For chin to shoulder length style cuts (e.g. short bob, long bob, or layering)
60-75 minutes depending on the stylist

Long Length
Shoulder length and beyond.
60-75 minutes depending on the density of your hair


Razor / Transformative
If your hair is long/thick/curly and you’re either looking for a big transformation or a hand crafted razored shape/style
60-90 minutes depending on the stylist

Curly Hair
All curly hair services include a deep clean hair bath, scalp treatment and styling tutorial.
Please arrive with your hair clean, dry and detangled.

Curly Reshape short
Curly Reshape Mid
Curly Reshape Long
Curly Reshape Long
Curly Reshape Short
Ear to chin length, any density
60 minutes depending on the stylist

Curly Reshape Mid
Chin to shoulder length, any density
60-75 minutes depending on the stylist

Curly Reshape Long
Shoulder length and beyond, any density.
75-90 minutes depending on the stylist

Blowdry with Iron work
60-75 minutes depending on the stylist

Blowdry Style
Blowdry Style
Blowdry Style
Alternative Formal Style
Alternative Formal Style
Alternative Formal Style
Alternative Formal Style
Blowdry Style
Blowdry with Iron
Waves Only (no blowdry)
Alternative Formal Style
Tinsel/Feather or other addition

A customized hair mask to suit your hair’s needs (blow dry included)$60-90+

Bleach and Tone
Full Highlight
Special Effects Color
Special Effects Color
Special Effects Color
Special Effects Color

Root Touch up
A single root color applied to natural regrowth that will cover gray hair or change your natural color at the root only to match what you have.
Includes blow-dry.

Gloss Toner Only
A semi-permanent toner applied to natural or previously colored hair to neutralize brass, darken or richen up the hair. Won't lighten your color.
Includes blow-dry.

Special Effects (per hour)
For all vivid colors, pastels, jewel tones or anything your mind can dream up!
Consultation required, call or book online.

Corrective Color (per hour)
Advanced multi process color work. A consultation is required to schedule this service.

Bleach and Tone 1-2”
For hair that has already been bleached and needs to be touched up and toned. For roots that are 4-6 week long.
After 4-6 weeks this would be considered a corrective color and charged hourly.
Includes toner & blow-dry.

Global Blonde (per hour)
Going platinum can be a lot of work and upkeep. When scheduling this service please schedule a consultation first.
It is important to ensure your hair goals are achievable while maintaining the integrity of your hair.

Partial Highlight / Babylight
Highlighting service for flickers of lightness from roots to ends.
Covers both temples, parting and crown area.

Full Highlight / Babylight
Highlighting service for flickers of lightness from roots to ends.
Covers the whole head and is suitable for first time highlighting guests.

Foilyage / Balayage / Teasylight
For a sunkissed, soft blonding result that lightens the mid to ends of the hair.

We exclusively use Babe hair extensions.
They can be used to achieve length, add density, a pop of color or help you grow out an unwanted haircut.

Tape in
Clip in
Custom Clip in
Tape in extensions (by consultation)Itip extensions (by consultation)Custom Clip in(by consultation)
Book online


Booking Deposit and Cancellation Policy

We now require a 50% deposit when booking any service. This deposit will be applied towards your service total on the day of your appointment. Special effects color, corrective color and extension Installation require a $100 deposit when booking.

If you need to cancel your appointment, deposits are refundable as long as you are outside the 48 hour window. If you need to reschedule or adjust your appointment you will be able to transfer your deposit to the new appointment. Please call the salon to reschedule or cancel any appointments to ensure your deposit is refunded or transferred. Any notice that is less than 48 hours will result in a forfeit of your deposit. This includes weather and illness (positive covid cases will require proof) this also includes altering any same day appointments.

A valid credit card number is required for all bookings. Without a credit card, we cannot reserve your appointment. By providing your credit card info, you are authorizing Little Broken Things for the above stated charges.

Cost of Color
We use a smart scale technology called SALON SCALE which allows us to measure the cost of the color we use on you down to the penny/gram. This ensures transparency of cost and reduces wastage of color. This is in addition to your service cost.

Redo Policy
If for any reason you are unhappy with your service at LBT please inform us immediately. There are no refunds for services rendered. If there is anything we can do to improve upon your experience, please let us know within 10 days of your service. We are happy to get you back in for any adjustments to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

New Color Clients
If you have never scheduled a color with us before and aren’t sure what to book please schedule a complimentary consultation with your stylist of choice.

All services with an * require a consultation before scheduling. If you do not schedule a consultation we will reach out to you via phone or email. Please respond within 48 hours to avoid having your appointment canceled.

Green Fee
We can all make a difference and help reduce the carbon footprint our industry creates. By adding a small fee of $3.00 to your service, this helps us make a positive impact on our environment, and help us be the change that we want to see.

Other Policies
All customers 15 minutes (or more) late to their appointment may be asked to reschedule.
All customers must be 12 years or older.

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